SDMA Partnership Announcement

The SDMA are delighted to announce a partnership agreement between The Leg Club Foundation and SDMA…….

The Lindsay Leg Club® Foundation announces partnership with Surgical Dressing Manufacturers Association (SDMA)

The Leg Club Foundation (LLCF) is delighted to announce an innovative partnership agreement with the Surgical Dressing Manufacturers Association. The purpose of this collaborative working partnership is to promote the fact that the two organisations, supported by Leg Club Industry Partners (LCIP) are working together to achieve the same goal; to provide a better quality of life for individuals with lower limb and foot conditions and leg ulcers.

The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation was created to relieve suffering from leg ulcers and associated conditions. It does this by facilitating the award-winning psychosocial Leg Club model of care that motivates and empowers individuals to take ownership of their care, alleviate their suffering and reduce the stigma attached to their condition.

The SDMA supports companies that manufacture or distribute wound management and associated products within the UK and Ireland. Set up 80 years ago, its member companies range in size from small family companies to major multinational organisations. The SDMA acts as a voice for this membership wherever there are issues that affect the wound care market as a whole.

Wound care is a complex area, requiring a significant number of product types to be available along with professional healthcare expertise to determine the best wound care plans and treatments. Many SDMA members are also Leg Club Industry Partners (LCIP) so an agreement between the LLCF and the SDMA brings together viewpoints from both the wound care third sector and industry to form an aligned voice to influence policy and decision makers.

The Foundation and the SDMA also recognise the priority and importance of education in primary and allied health care for urban and rural communities in the UK and internationally. Through this new partnership there will be reciprocal linking of websites and promotion of relevant educational events, articles, newsletters and publications as well as through social media to create a comprehensive range of resources. Both organisations hope to bring about genuine improvement to this education and consequently an improved quality of life for those experiencing lower limb conditions and leg ulcers.

Mike Hoskins, Chair, LLCF said: “Our partnership agreement with the SDMA sets out the basis on which we can work to our mutual benefit, whilst preserving the Foundation’s objectives. By defining our relationship with industry in this way we can help promote patient advocacy and have a voice, together.”

Paul Goodman, Chair, SDMA said: “The SDMA is delighted to be partnering with The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation. This partnership will combine the strengths of both organisations with the ultimate aim of providing a better quality of life for individuals with associated problems of the lower limb and leg ulcers. It is an exciting time for all those involved.”


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