Poster concerning the barrier properties of wound dressings

Complaint Brought

Complaint by Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd that the promotional use by ConvaTec Ltd of a poster reporting on a laboratory study by Ameen et al. of barrier properties of wound dressings is in contravention of clause 3.4. of the Code of Practice and that ConvaTec Ltd representatives using this poster would contravene clause 3.3(ii).



The Committee determined that the use of this poster was in breach of clause 3.4. in that it was misleading based on the concluding sentence which implies clinical relevance. A paper written by the team who conducted the laboratory work was published in the September 2000 edition of the Journal of Wound Care. This paper reported the work in more detail and indicates that the results need to be tested by appropriately designed clinical studies.

The Committee also concluded that by naming the Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd product in this poster, its use contravenes clause 3.6. in that it could mislead recipients by implication. It follows, therefore that any representative of ConvaTec Ltd who used this poster would contravene clause 3.3(ii).


Complaint adjudicated on 28 November 2000

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